Sky Rat Pilot Title Card
Sky Rat is a short aired on Nicktoons Network's Random! Cartoons. It is created by Craig Bartlett. In 2014, it was revealed that creator Craig Bartlett will begin production on a series for Nickelodeon.


Derek needs something to cool off. If the Mayor sees him escape from his desk, he's fired! Derek comes back until he saw a pigeon holding a pencil. Then, Derek goes on an adventure to capture that pigeon. Derek went to a bathroom. But, Rabbit calls the security to come get him. Then, Derek climbs to reach the scaffold. Until he saw the pigeon who took his pencil. Later, Ant says "Look! There's a guy above the 90 3rd floor swing up from a power line! It's a greatest!" the Mayor saw the news. Derek keeps swinging on the wires until he grabs the pigeon. Then he's electrocuted from capturing a pigeon. It was lucky until the Mayor sees Derek who was burnt from the wire, Good Work! Derek was back where he started.


Character Cast
Derek Jason Marsden
Ant Matt L. Jones
Rabbit Grey DeLisle
Blue Guy Rob Paulsen
Scarlett Diamond White
Mindy Ashley Johnson
Sugar Anndi McAfee
Mayor Rodger Bumpass