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SamSquatch is a Random! Cartoon short, created by Adam Muto.


SamSquatch starts off at Mom's Diner, a diner run by Mom (as if that needed to be stated). Conrad Connard comes in, explaining to Mom that he is a monster hunter, in search of beasts of legend. He notices that their flyer said, "Home of the Bigfoot". When Mom corrects him on the "Bigfoot" actually just being the name for a large omelette, he asks for a glass of water, only to splash it on his face, in defeat.

It is then that SamSquatch enters. He asks for "coffee", and for it to be made black, this time. When Conrad asks about the real Bigfoot, Sam lifts up his foot, which is big. Suspiciously big, according to Conrad. When Conrad isn't looking, Mom throws a ketchup bottle out the window, screaming, "Bigfoot!". This causes Conrad to leap outside, wondering where it is. Sam then leaves into the forest, while Conrad comes back inside and asks for a "coffee" to go. This is used to lure Sam.

This is when the antics begin. A series of attempts by Conrad to catch Sam ultimately fails. They include, trapping him in a cage, trying to catch him with a motorcycle, trying to catch him with a jetpack, and lassoing a mighty thunderbird, while Sam is on it. 

Following many failures, Sam mentions that his mom is nearby. Not diner Mom, but Forest Mom. After scaring Conrad, Sam jumps on his mother, and walks along into the sunset. When Conrad intimidates her (repeating phrases like "That's right, run!" and "I'll get you, sasquatch!") she turns around and stomps on the presumed area where Conrad is. Then, she walks away with Sam on her shoulder. The short ends when Sam asks, "Can I get some coffee on the way home?"


  • SamSquatch - The protagonist; a sasquatch boy. Clever, friendly, and loves "coffee", which is actually graham crackers and milk.
  • Conrad Connard - The antagonist; a self-proclaimed "monster hunter", out to catch Sam.
  • Mom - Owner of Mom's Diner, serves Samsquatch "coffee".
  • Forest Mom - Completely unrelated to Mom, Forest Mom is SamSquatch's presumed biological mother, towering over the tall forest.
  • Nessie - A water monster, and a friend of Sam. Doesn't like fish.
  • Karl - A legendary Thunderbird who appears from a collapsed monument.